About Us

Josh Kiser loves his job. Born & raised in Colorado, and the owner of Hayden Enterprises for over 14 years, Josh still works every project himself, to ensure perfection. "Our reputation is the most important factor on every job", says Kiser. "It's not done until it's perfect. I care about what I do, and I think that my clients feel that in my commitment to each and every project".


Hayden Enterprises uses the latest technology in log home restoration. They utilize glass media blasting, which is an environmentally, nontoxic high grade abrasive. Glass blasting delivers minimal particle embedding, which delivers the cleanest working surface possible.


Hayden Enterprises is a registered user of Sashco. Fine Log Home Products. Josh is a graduate of their Zero Failures Seminar.


Upon request, Hayden Enterprises can use Thermal Imaging Technology to measure heat loss on your log home. This non-invasive approach allows precise pinpointing of energy loss locations.


Hayden Enterprises is a General Contractor. They are licensed to pull permits and execute building projects on your home as well, with the same experience and commitment level as their log home refinishing.

Log Home Restoration and Refinishing

• Interior / Exterior log restoration & refinishing

• Servicing homes year-round

• Log home chinking and caulking

• Rot repair, prevention and log replacement

Joshua Kiser, Owner

Owner of Hayden Enterprises, Inc. since 1997

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